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“Successful teams don’t happen by accident – they are made, not born!”

At AyushOrtho, we believe in TEAMWORK!

Building a team doesn’t happen in a day. Our team was built with a vision to address the growing number of ortho-related issues and underlying causes. The modern-day medicines and treatments mostly focus only on addressing the pain the based on the symptoms. Though the results are instant, most of the time it comes with a side effect. The time taken for the painful procedure and the recovery is also really long.

At AyushOrtho, we approach the same issue in a different perspective that provides permanent cure and relief. To be precise, we treat all kinds of bone and joint related problems and offer a surgery-free solution!

Our practice uses pain as a guide to find the cause, and our unique combination of traditional and scientific treatments cure the misalignment, restores health, and eliminates its recurrence.

Our team of doctors and specialists admire the modern-day treatments and state-of-the-art facilities but at the same time, we applaud the successful outcomes of traditional techniques as well! We specialize in both traditional and modern-day approach. Wondering how?

After a decade of research, study, and testing, our team of experts have discovered solution in the roots of Ayurveda and martial arts called Varma that helped fix injuries caused due to repetitive stress. Combining with scientifically backed treatments like chiropractic and orthopedic manipulation, our unique surgery free solution was designed to give patients the relief they are in search of.

Our practice uses pain as a guide to find the cause, and our unique combination of traditional and scientific treatments cure the misalignment, restores health, and eliminates its recurrence.


Unlike modern medicines that are painful, costly, and come up with lots of complications and side effects, we at AyushOrtho address the root cause of the pain, address the issue in the right way, and treat the functional imbalance with a combination of scientific and ancient techniques that is completely surgery free!


We established AyushOrtho with a vision to offer surgery-free treatment to all major bone and joint related issues and we’re successfully doing the same! We plan to take this to next-level by focusing on orthopedic specialties, by providing a safe and secure environment to perform clinical duties with utmost competency and innovative clinical practices with profound academic research and timely communication with the patients.

Our Unique 4 step procedure



Assess the root cause of the pain through our unique assessment method.


Repair the muscle group by using our muscle manipulation method.


Position the misaligned joints through our alignment method.


Use simple and effective exercises to strengthen your muscles and joints.

What Makes Us Unique ?

Our dedicated team of doctors, specialists, and super specialists treat each and every patient in a unique way! We carefully customize the individual’s treatment plan based on their issue, medical history, health, and emotional status. Our patient-centric treatment plans that offers guaranteed, long-term results makes us stand out in the crowd.

We as a team listen to our patients to understand their problem, analyze and identify the root cause of the issue, and come up with a complete treatment plan based on the intensity of the pain and issue. We monitor the patient’s health and well-being throughout the treatment and ensure that they get their desired results.

Every member of our team plays a prominent role in achieving success and we all endeavor to go that extra mile for our patients’ well-being. This has propelled our rapid growth and success in short-span of time!

At AyushOrtho Cure Your Pain PERMANENTLY